Bonga University

We have deploy More and more projects in this esteemd university as our bench mark project sites from the least but not a last:

  • Enterprise Network Infrastructure expansion

  • Mini Datacenter installation 

  • CCTV Systsem 

  • Two Factor One Card System

  • Smart Class room Solution

  • Business Automation ERP Software

Office of General Federal Auditor

We have put our best of handwork in our esteemed client Office of General Federal Auditor sites. those are 

  • Solarwind Software for network device management

  • NOC Room Installation for central controlling of CCTV system  

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Odoo • Image and Text

Minister of Agriculture

Supply of Office Materials 

Injibara University

We have done another critical project on this site like

  • Enterprise Network Installation

  • Mini Datacenter Building 

  • One Card System 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Debark University

We have completed our art installation for the third time on this prestigious campus. In order to ease the teaching-learning process in a safe manner, we have deploy Student One card system with two-factor authentication to assure campus security in addition to student security.

Mizan Tepi University

It is an ongoing massive project that allows us to supply our highest quality hand works to the remainder of its campus as well as the main institution.

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